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Metelkova City is known in Slovenia and around the world as an independent cultural hub of craftsmanship, independent production of music, theater, painting, viedo, comic book, sculpture and other arts. It is well known for being a relaxed and an inspirational social space.




Gala Hala

Gala Hala is trying to develop an independent, alternative culture not under the pressure of authority. The main activities of our company are organization of concerts, festivals and clubbing events and music label management. They are also active internationally (organization of international tours, cooperation on festivals, conferences, fairs and more). Apart from that they give out spaces for music bands practices and they have an audio studio available for young artists.

Channel Zero

Situated in the autonomous area of Metelkova, Channel Zero is one of the main venues of this unique and diverse cultural hub. Its iconic psychedelic hallway and dim ambiance are perfectly suited for darker vibes of electro, dub, post-rock and stoner.


Klub Gromka


A peaceful coexistence of various musical styles, from (crust) punk, sludge, doom, metal to experimental classic and theatre & performance.

Gromka is the patron of urban (sub) cultural practices, a shelter for music left with nowhere to go, supporter of political activism and informal education, founded on the good old "do-it-yourself" principles.

Outdoor venues:

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Letni vrt Gala Hala

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